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PFO Seneca  SOLD
PFO Cree Breeze  SOLD






Apollo's  Lysander   Added November 21, 2014  SOLD

New Leaf's Thumbelina   Added September 3, 2014  SOLD

New Leaf's Inca Gold   Added August 29, 2014  SOLD

PFO Chalupi   Added August 19, 2014

Sold on 08/27/14 Listed only 8 days!!

Apollo's Hermia    Added March 2, 2014  Female SOLD

FPL Date Night  Added April 20, 2014  Female  SOLD

WOL Morning Dove    Added August 17, 2013  Bred Female SOLD 11/09/13

Dream Cloud    Added December 30, 2013  Female  SOLD

New Leaf's Meteor    Added December 30, 2013  Male Suri  SOLD

Bambini    Added February 12, 2014  Female Suri   SOLD 3/14

New Leaf's Snow White    Added December 30, 2013  Female Suri SOLD

WOL Luna  Added March 31, 2014  Female SOLD

New Leaf's Silver Starr  Added March 31, 2014  Female SOLD

Haleakala's White Cloud   Added March 31, 2014  Female  SOLD

JLL Easy Dancer    Added December 30, 2013   Male Suri SOLD

Mona    Added December 30, 2013   Female  REHOMED

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