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California Llama Sales is a website designed to connect persons who have llamas with persons interested in getting llamas

The California Llama Sales web site is being created in mid 2013.

The purpose of this site is to provide a place where many ranches can advertise their Sales Llamas in California. Many large ranches have their own websites. You will find some of their llamas advertised here also. Most small ranches do not have their own sites. We hope California Llama Sales will be the premiere showcase for these small ranches.

Northern California Updated 4/27/16



Contact Information

California Llama Sales is not a business. There is no physical location that you can go to to see all of the llamas advertised. This is purely a site for prospective llama buyers to find llamas looking for new homes. This site does not guarantee the condition of the llamas or the information being offered about the llamas. It is our hope that everyone is forthright and honest.

Owners of the llamas will provide contact information with their llama listing.

Prospective buyers are not charged a fee from this site. Prospective sellers are not charged to advertise on this site, though a donation would be welcomed to keep the site up and running. A recommended donation would be 2% of the initial amount the llama is listed for. A donation is not always expected, It would be nice though. Remember ... I am paying to run this site out of my pocket. I spend time creating the ads, modifying pictures & updating information. 

I reserve the right to refuse to list for anyone found to be untruthful in their ad, anyone who is less then decent in dealing with prospective buyers and those who 'just plain take advantage' of what this site has to offer. The way you interact with prospective buyers is VERY IMPORTANT!

CLS does have costs in running the site. Time is spent listing llamas for the benefit of the sellers/buyers.  If some kind of compensation is not received after listing 4 or more llamas (from a single  ranch), no further listings will be put on the site. It IS realized that not every llama sold is from this site BUT continual postings without compensation is just plain taking advantage!



Have your llama's information entered on the site by contacting me at    



NEW... It has been asked to make donations easier.

Donations are accepted for past & future listings or 'just because'.  THANK YOU




We ask that each llama have at least two pictures provided (it's fine if you only have one to start with) and the following information-

Age & Sex-
Birth Date and Female/Male or Gelding
Color & Type-
Body Colors/ Patterns and Specific Type i.e.. Classic, Argentine, Bolivian, Mix etc.
Wool Type
Suri, Huacaya, Classic, Lt.-Heavy Wool
Proven Breeder-
Has produced offspring, currently bred or breeding available
Halter/Lead Trained-
Has been worked with or has not received training
Registration #, Show #, Not Registered, Available upon request, or Pending
Halter or Performance
Fixed price, Negotiable price, Price available on request, Looking for trade
Any other positive or negative attributes
Contact Information How do people get in contact with the seller
Postal address
Electronic mail
General Information & Sales: 



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